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Isola Italiana is the perfect meeting point between demand and offering. Thanks to our network of made in Italy contacts and suppliers selected carefully over the years, we are able to move easily among the sectors that make Italy famous and loved the world over.
From a jewel to the finest of wines, from design item to the most refined scent, Isola Italiana already knows where to source what clients are seeking, quickly and with guaranteed quality.

SECTORS — you ask, we get it


The first thing we notice about someone is his or her outfit. The Italians are masters of the art of fashion, because they are trendsetters and experts at working with prestigious raw materials.
Isola Italiana sources clothing and accessories for women, men and children, respecting the most current fashion codes and the requirements of their clientele.


The Italian aesthetic taste is fully expressed by the fact that the Bel Paese loves to surround itself with beautiful things. Inspired by the wonders of nature, its artisanal heritage, the art and culture that hangs in the air here, Italian artists and designers have created many splendid works.
Isola Italiana works in the home décor and design fields, offering design pieces, furnishings, fabrics for interiors and home fragrances.


Food is Italy’s truest poetry. Each region has its own specialties that boast the best of their territory, with unsurpassable recipes and flavour combinations.
Isola Italiana can supply you with wines, beverages, liquors, oil, vinegar, preserves, early produces, pasta, chocolate and much more.


Caring for our physique is becoming increasingly critical in modern society. Wellness has become part of our everyday lives and Italy offers unique, top level products both in terms of quality and of performance. Isola Italiana offers its clients a vast range of beauty products: creams, soaps, scents and beauty treatments.